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Latest in the series - ‘Potent Poison’ is now available in paperback.  

Here is a sneak preview to whet your appetite:

The headmistress of High Fell Hall, an expensive boarding school for girls near Richmond, asks Dr

Mills Sanderson to help two pupils with their studies over the summer. Her duties have hardly begun

when one of the girls, Cecile Fleurot, daughter of a French diplomat, drowns while playing Ophelia in

the school production of Hamlet. Her death appears to be an accident but then another pupil is

reported missing. Meanwhile Mills discovers that the skeletal remains she is excavating on a building

site in Gilling West may be more than just bones “of antiquity”.

Kindle  All eight titles are available on Kindle.

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Out and about in 2017

Susan likes to meet her readers and makes a special point of attending events when she can.  This year she is continuing her talks at a number of events. Hopefully you will get a chance to catch up with her at one of the events.

Drystone radio interview on March 12th 2015 with Steve Brown.  Listen again - 10 min into the podcast

Let Susan know what you think of the books and the website

If you have read the books and have enjoyed them please let Susan know by e-mail.  Any feedback is welcome, even if the book was not quite your ‘cup of tea’.  If you have any comments on the website she’d be happy to hear them – it’s been developed for the readers so she wants to hear whether we have done a successful job.

A big ‘thank you’ to local traders

The series of books are promoted throughout the Yorkshire Dales and can be found in a number of local outlets including Towlers in Leyburn.  In addition they are sold in the Wensleydale Creamery (Hawes). The National Park Centres throughout the Dales, Reeth Post Office and The Old School Muker. Bookshops include Castle Hill Bookshop in Richmond and The Dales Book Centre in Grassington. The books would not have become so popular without their help and so a big ‘thank you’ to them all!