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A quiet summer holiday in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales was just what Millie needed. No excitement, fresh air and huge helpings of her Grandmother’s home cooking.  But Millie is drawn into an intriguing mystery that surrounds the isolated shooting lodge on the moor, the Dutchman who rents it and the sudden death of two residents in the village.

Convinced that Lizzie Banford did not die of natural causes, Millie sets about finding the truth.

Set in the lead mining area of peaceful Swaledale, this is the first in the series of Yorkshire Dales Mysteries.

Corpse Way Death Cart

When a dismembered hand is unearthed from peat in snow covered moorland near the Ribblehead viaduct, Millie Sanderson is called in to help with the archaeological

investigation.  But is the hand really as old as it appears?   Some believe it belongs to a lad who disappeared from a farm in the recent past.  There are more questions than answers and the police forensics team is called in.  Then there are two apparently

unrelated murders.

Is a third person going to die before the truth about what happened on the moor is revealed?             


Grave Hand

When Georgina O’Neill disappears without trace, a postcard arrives convincing everyone that she is fine.... Everyone except her husband Tim.  When he meets Mills Sanderson at a wedding in Burnsall three years later, he begs her to help him find Georgina.  But is it too late to unravel the clues she left behind?


The best man, Phil Freedman, hasn’t seen Claudia Bishop since university days.  She now runs her own forensic science service,  but when there is a serious crime committed in Richmond - and the forensic analysis is provided by Bishop Laboratories - he wishes they hadn’t renewed their acquaintance.

Craven Scar

The body of a man lies half-hidden in the purple heather, stabbed to death on the North York Moors. Detective Sergeants Nina Featherstone and Hazel Fuller set out to discover his identity and locate the mystery woman who accompanied him on the Coast to Coast Walk before disappearing without trace. When another body is found on a rifle range near Catterick, they begin to suspect a military connection.

While Mills assists with the forensic evidence, she remains preoccupied with another investigation – to discover who shot the red kite and left poisoned bait on the moor that nearly killed Earl.            


Student archaeologist  Millie Sanderson is hoping to uncover an ancient chariot burial site in Wensleydale but her work is interrupted when her housemate, Vrishti Bhatt, disappears.  Inspector Ernie Brown is not concerned and dismisses a hit-and-run accident that involves her lecturer as an ‘unfortunate coincidence’. But even Inspector Brown cannot ignore the next incident in the Archaeology department.  Baffled, he turns to DS Mitch Turner for support, ignoring Nina, a new young constable, who is working systematically through the evidence.

Meanwhile Millie and her friends are pursuing their own investigations......

Purple Shroud Frozen Ground

              When Wildlife Officer Harry             Clark is seconded to Cumbria Constabulary to assist in an investigation of sheep rustling, he is unaware that a young police officer from Kirkby Stephen has disappeared in a blizzard. Soon he is joining the search team on snow-covered Wild Boar Fell.

Sergeant Nina Featherstone jumps at the opportunity of working undercover to expose the trade in illegal meat but the forensic evidence provided to Dr Mills Sanderson is obtained in an unorthodox fashion and threatens to jeopardise the case.